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Presenting our high-quality 5″ x 1″ 80 Gauge Stretch Wrap, the perfect solution for wrapping and securing small, narrow, or elongated items during shipping, transportation, and storage. This versatile and reliable stretch wrap is designed to provide excellent protection and stability, ensuring your products remain intact and damage-free throughout their journey.

Key Features:

Material and Size: Our 5″ x 1″ 80 Gauge Stretch Wrap is made from superior-quality linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), offering exceptional durability and resilience. Its convenient dimensions of 5 inches in width make it the ideal choice for wrapping small, narrow, or elongated items with precision and ease.

Outstanding Cling: This stretch wrap features advanced cling properties, ensuring a secure and consistent hold on your products by adhering to itself without leaving any residue. This allows for a tight and reliable wrap that keeps your items safe during transit.

Excellent Puncture and Tear Resistance: With an 80-gauge thickness, this stretch wrap provides remarkable puncture and tear resistance, protecting your products from potential damage caused by external elements or rough handling.

Easy Application: The 5″ x 1″ 80 Gauge Stretch Wrap is designed for simple manual application, enabling a quick and efficient wrapping process that saves both time and effort.

Versatile Use: This stretch wrap is suitable for various applications, such as bundling small items, securing loose parts, protecting fragile products, or wrapping narrow or elongated objects for safe transportation and storage.

Cost-effective: Our 5″ x 1″ 80 Gauge Stretch Wrap offers a cost-efficient solution for your packaging needs, minimizing material waste and overall expenses while maintaining outstanding protection and security for your products.

  • 5″x100′ Per Roll
  • 80 Gauge
  • 12 Rolls Per Carton
  • Sold by The Carton
  • Extended 1″ Core as Handle

Enhance your packaging process with our dependable 5″ x 1″ 80 Gauge Stretch Wrap and ensure your small, narrow, or elongated items reach their destination in pristine condition. Order today and experience the difference that high-quality stretch wrap can make in your shipping and storage operations.

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Dimensions 28 × 30.5 × 24 in


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