CC34C Pneumatic Carton Closing Staples


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  • Straight Strip
  • 1-1/4″ Crown
  • 3/4″ Length
  • Copper Coated Finish
  • Chisel Point
  • 2000 per Box
  • 10 Box per Carton

Sold By Carton

For Use In:
Spotnails: BOT-3222C-AM, BOT-3222C-PM, BOT-3222C-AP, BOT-3222C-PP, HSC3219C, KSC3219C
Bostitch: BTFP12182, BTFP12180, F84-114, D19AD, DS-3219, F84-128, T542202, T542302, T552212, T552312
BeA: AT-C18
ISM: HB/HC 150T, HB150T, AB150T
Kihlberg: 561/56PN, a.561M, a.561M22, a.561PN, a.561PN22
Klinch-Pak: KP-CN, KP-CM

Elevate your packaging operations with the superior performance of Allied Fasteners’ CC34C Pneumatic Carton Closing Staples. Expertly crafted to ensure the utmost security and efficiency, these staples are the top choice for professionals who require dependable, high-quality closure solutions for their carton sealing needs.

Key Features:

  1. Premium-Quality Materials: Manufactured from high-grade steel, our CC34C staples provide exceptional strength and penetration, ensuring your cartons remain securely sealed during transport and storage.
  2. Precisely Engineered Design: With a 1-1/4″ crown width and 3/4″ leg length, the CC34C staples offer an optimal balance between holding power and versatility, making them suitable for a wide range of carton materials and thicknesses.
  3. Pneumatic Tool Compatibility: Designed specifically for use with pneumatic carton closing staplers, the CC34C staples enable quick and efficient closure, streamlining your packaging processes and boosting productivity.
  4. Broad Range of Applications: The CC34C staples are an excellent choice for sealing corrugated cartons across various industries, including warehousing, e-commerce, logistics, and manufacturing, making them indispensable for professionals who prioritize efficiency and reliability.
  5. Generous Quantity: Each carton of CC34C Pneumatic Carton Closing Staples contains 20,000 staples, providing an ample supply to meet your packaging demands.

Rely on Allied Fasteners’ CC34C Pneumatic Carton Closing Staples for all your carton sealing requirements, and benefit from the superior performance and reliability of a trusted, high-quality product. Trust in our commitment to delivering exceptional packaging solutions, and secure your valuable goods with confidence and efficiency.

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Dimensions 49.5 × 28 × 11.5 in


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